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Trigold's very own gasoline station brand. First rose in Tayabas, Quezon in 2007. It's first stint didn't last very long as it was converted into a PTT in 2013 as part of the partnership agreement between Trigold and PTT Philippines. 

Giant came back stronger in 2015, putting up a branch in Mauban, Quezon, offering world class service and quality fuels. Giant now has four locations situated around Quezon Province — Mauban, Lucena, Pagbilao, and  Tayabas.



Giant Gasoline Station, A. Racelis Avenue, Barangay Ayuti, Lucban 4328

24 hours



Giant Gasoline Station, Ecotourism Road, Barangay Isabang, Lucena 4301

24 hours



Giant Gasoline Station, Maharlika Highway, Barangay Polo, Mauban 4330

24 hours



Giant Gasoline Station, Pan-Philippine Highway, Barangay Binahaan, Pagbilao 4302

24 hours



Giant Gasoline Station, Tayabas-Pagbilao Road, Barangay Lakawan, Tayabas 4327

24 hours