Café Jungle

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Café Jungle is a multi-branch restaurant and café located in several outlets across Quezon Province.

Even when situated in bustling neighbourhoods, Café Jungle gives you a taste of nature and lets you experience a great selection of comfort food and drinks.

At present, Trigold operates 3 stores located in Lucban, Lucena, and Tayabas.



PTT Gasoline Station, Lucban-Tayabas Road, Barangay Malupak, Lucban 4328

Mon - Sun, 9am - 5pm



PTT Platinum Station, Pan-Philippine Highway, Barangay Bocohan, Lucena 4301

Mon - Sun, 6am -10pm



PTT Gasoline Station, CM Recto Street, Barangay Angeles, Tayabas 4327

Mon - Sun, 11am - 7pm