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We import and supply Cantek cold storage units to fit your every size and need. Thanks to its tailor-made approach, Cantek designs, manufactures and installs the most accurate and efficient cold stores, custom made for its customers. Just provide us with the size and product and they'll design it for you.

Cold storages are hidden heroes of the food industry. Secret to delivering fresh and high-quality food products to consumers is in storing them in cold storage on the long duration between their production and consumption. Cantek takes all its steps toward storing food in the best possible way.

With its smart algorithm, Cantek manufactures controllers providing energy savings up to 71% in chiller rooms, along with fully automated controlling systems on cold storage through remote monitoring and management systems. Cantek’s all cooling systems are in the energy efficiency class A+++, and have an eco-friendly nature as they can operate with solar power, organic gases and wind energy.



Keypower’s product range covers air-cooled and water-cooled diesel generator sets from 5-2000 kw as well as load banks for generator testing from 100-2000 kw. These products are widely used in many crucial fields such as residential, telecommunication, manufacturing industry, financial system, hotel, construction, highway maintenance, commercial building, airport, custom and hospital. The full line of products are manufactured under ISO 9001-2008 quality management system and are CE certified. Rigorous manufacturing process control, strict product inspecting procedure as well as stringent material and component purchase selection ensure that Keypower’s products are always durable and reliable.


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